~ The pieces are all sewn together, stitched with love.........and a quilt tells a story and the story is our past ~

The Arrowood family immigrated from England to Maryland in the 1700's. They went south, eventually settling in the mountains of North Carolina. Later , some went further south, into the Piedmont of North Carolina, in search of work and a better way of life.

I am in search of my family.

I search for those that came before me, and lived their lives as best they could. I am in search of their stories, how they lived, and how they loved.

I shared this love of seeking the past with my Dad, sharing each new finding with him, the thrill in his heart intermingling with mine. I continue this search in his honor, and hope to know these people of ours when I join up with them all in heaven.

~ Steve Lewis Arrowood 1932-2008 ~

Come with me, back to a simpler time and place. A place far removed from the hectic pace of today. To a time when life was hard, but the rewards were great. When your quality of life was determined by your own sweat, your own toil, and your own ingenuity.

Would you like a glass of sweet tea? Let's sit out on the porch where we will catch the sweetly scented breeze of summertime. Maybe Grandma will fry up some of her wonderful chicken... Time slows here.


"We shape our lives not by what we carry with us, but what we leave behind."

~You live as long as you are remembered.~

"Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. " Author: Unknown

"But those who came before us will teach you. They will teach you from the wisdom of former generations."


Arrowood Family

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Gathering of the Arrowood's 2010

We came together again on Saturday.

The location was different from years past, and the parade of familiar, dear faces was comforting. The volume of noise created by our animated conversations and frequent laughter, was equaled only by the amount of food we prepared and consumed.

Oh my, what great food! Fun was had by all.
The pictures that I downloaded this morning brought bittersweet thoughts. There were many faces missing that should have been there, alongside the others.

My Dad, Steve. Uncle Jimmy. My sweet Grandparents. Cousin Kelly, Robin, and Sonya. Many Aunts and Uncles that have now gone, as well. Others missing, were dear cousins separated by miles that could not be with us that day.

Still, I am thankful for the time spent with those that I love.

We gathered to talk and see one another.

We gathered to tell the stories, that make our family’s story what it is.

Simply stated, unique. We have a special family. We gathered to share time with one another.

The older generations are a wealth of information, in the 'story' department.

I longed to sit each one down, and record each and every story that they could recall, but in a situation where so many are wanting their moment of chat, and rightly so, it is near to impossible.

I smile thinking of the interchanges that were made during our visit. The clatter of talking and laughing. Family gathering together for the purpose of being together.

Some lifted their voices in song.

Beautiful, lilting voices rang out in the space and were enjoyed so much. Thanks to those that shared their voices.

Children darted in and out of small crowds, gathered to discuss whatever the current topic was.

Hands were clapped on backs, in heartfelt greetings, and hearty handshakes were given. Hugs were passed out freely, and smiles were on the faces everywhere you looked.

Eventually , after everyone has eaten their fill and all the kisses and hellos were made, some started packing the dishes they brought.

The time had come quickly for the inevitable parting of the ways.

Life started pulling us back apart, as quickly as it brought us back together again.

We are spread out in distances from one another now, and time together is hard to come by. The years have pulled each of us further apart with each passing generation. Life is just that way.

The moments we had together on Saturday, are sealed in my thoughts and my heart, like a sweet mist. I will hold them close until the next gathering.

I can’t help but wonder who among us this year, will be missing come the next.

It is the natural order of things, as sad as it is.

I made a cake and could not resist adding some maraschino cherries as a garnish. Bright red splashes of color that my grandmother loved. Grandma Maude would have added those cherries, just the same as I did, I could almost feel her smiling down on us.

It would just not be a reunion, without some maraschino cherries on top of something.

I hope we continue the gatherings, to preserve the stories and the memories. The coming together of the Arrowoods.

Until then, Hilda’s laughter will ring in my memories, of this special reunion. Aunt Patsy kept some order in the sometimes chaotic scene, Aunt Pat kept busy in the kitchen, keeping it running smoothly. Uncle Bill was always doing something helpful, he is just that kind of guy.
Everyone pitched in to do their part.

Thanks, everybody, for making this one special.

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