~ The pieces are all sewn together, stitched with love.........and a quilt tells a story and the story is our past ~

The Arrowood family immigrated from England to Maryland in the 1700's. They went south, eventually settling in the mountains of North Carolina. Later , some went further south, into the Piedmont of North Carolina, in search of work and a better way of life.

I am in search of my family.

I search for those that came before me, and lived their lives as best they could. I am in search of their stories, how they lived, and how they loved.

I shared this love of seeking the past with my Dad, sharing each new finding with him, the thrill in his heart intermingling with mine. I continue this search in his honor, and hope to know these people of ours when I join up with them all in heaven.

~ Steve Lewis Arrowood 1932-2008 ~

Come with me, back to a simpler time and place. A place far removed from the hectic pace of today. To a time when life was hard, but the rewards were great. When your quality of life was determined by your own sweat, your own toil, and your own ingenuity.

Would you like a glass of sweet tea? Let's sit out on the porch where we will catch the sweetly scented breeze of summertime. Maybe Grandma will fry up some of her wonderful chicken... Time slows here.


"We shape our lives not by what we carry with us, but what we leave behind."

~You live as long as you are remembered.~

"Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. " Author: Unknown

"But those who came before us will teach you. They will teach you from the wisdom of former generations."


Arrowood Family

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aunt Hilda

My Aunt Hilda has always been there for me, no matter what.
There are few people in my life that I can truly say that about. Where do I begin to tell you about the lady that is very special and dear to my heart?

There was a time I was a very sick girl. Food became my enemy and made me very ill. It was a very hard time for me, right at a time during my adolescence where just growing up is hard enough. I wanted to be able to get on with my life, do all the things that high school was made for, but it was not to happen for me. I would wake on Monday mornings so sick and weak, wondering what in the world was wrong with me and wishing I could just be normal. Little did we know that the beef roasts we had at Sunday’s meal was the culprit. We would have beef roast or stew or maybe steaks grilled on special Sundays. Beef was my main allergy , but until we found out what was causing it, I was miserable. Sick and pretty miserable.

Dad suffered from beef allergy but was really never diagnosed with it. He would pass out after a heavy beef meal, so sick. So strange that food, that which sustains us, can become so lethal to someone with allergies.
To make things worse, it was during a time when doctors did not really accept that food allergies were real.
Poor Lewis had several allergies as well, one thing in particular was oranges. His lips would swell something terrible.

Hilda and I spent time together on the weekends and she took me places, along with her friend Ruth.
We had such fun together and had many laughs and good times. I appreciate her being so kind to me, especially since that time was so difficult for me.

Sometimes God knows just what you need in your life and he sends you a very close relationship. More of a 'Mother-Daughter ' bond than just an 'Aunt-Niece bond '.

My Aunt was more of an angel to me than an Aunt. I cherish those times we spent together.

Sometimes we sang together in the car on the way home from places. Oh how, I enjoyed that! Sometimes we just talked, sometimes nothing much was said, but that was alright , too. It takes a special relationship to be comfortable with nothing said at all. I had that with Hilda and still do. We are cut from the same bolt of ‘Maudie’ cloth, I guess you could say.

Sometimes I will just spontaneously do something that even cracks me up..something outlandish and comical..I just have to laugh out loud, because I know that is the Maudie in me coming out. Hilda and I have that in common for sure. Pretty bad when you crack your own self up... :-)

Hilda and I went up to the mountains, early on , in my search for the family tree. We wound up in the library and we came across the Toe River Valley book and we found several mentions of the Arrowood family in it. We found Spencer Arrowood and the mention of his great granddaughter, the writer, Sharyn McCrumb. We were so excited we could hardly stand it. Every new find has to be told to my Aunt Hilda, for sure. I saw then and there what the search for the family meant to her and we bonded once again, kindred spirits.

Our lives are full of wonderful blessings and highs and we have all had our share of sadness and lows, but Hilda remains steadfast through it all. A testament to the lady she is.

We both love to laugh. (Even at ourselves!)
We both love red, ripe, tomatoes. (And Cucumbers)
We both love chicken dumplings. (Sweet Robin did, too!)
We both love music. We can tap a toe to most anything.
We both love growing things and of course, we love our flowers.
And we both love those Maypops.
I love our family and it’s history, and she does, too.

And we both love life.

And let’s face it folks…that is more than enough to know we are Arrowood’s.
And we are definitely related to Maudie.

Thank you for your love and attention during the years, Hilda.
You are one special lady. Special to me and special to a multitude of others. You have made a difference in people’s lives that you don’t fully recognize. A true inspiration.

Sometimes Angels are here on earth, too.

She writes beautiful, heartfelt poetry and gives us all a glimpse into her heart.
Keep writing, Hilda, we love it!

May your Maypop have a fresh bloom everyday , and may your contagious smile, come readily to your sweet face, a mirror of the joy that radiates from you.

I love you, Lady.

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